Who Were The Templars?

Who were the Templars? Why did they operate in secrecy? What were their intentions?

Did they bury untold wealth in secret vaults and massive treasure rooms around the world?

If so, what were these treasures? Are the treasures more than gold, silver and precious jewels?

Are the treasures documents of great historical significance? If they are, could these documents be so significant, that if uncovered they would change the world, as we know it today?

For centuries, stories about the templar knights have perpetuated one legend after another. Researchers and treasure hunters alike have searched for the truth behind those stories.

However, with all of the fact, fiction and controversy that has been told or revealed the truth about the Knights has yet to be discovered.

This page will help to bring you what I feel is the untold story.

Who Were The Knights Templars?

The story of this secret society begins as most research tells us in the year 1118. The founder was Hugues de Payens, from France.

They began as the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon. Their job, if we may call it that, was to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.

However, at this time it is important to state that many researchers believe that the templars as protectors of pilgrims was no more than a front to cover up a much more secret and cynical operation.

The knights amassed huge amounts of money and influence through secret raids on unsuspecting villages. During this time, they were hiding from their enemies in the ruins of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. They were granted this hiding place from Baldwin I, who held the title of King of Jerusalem.

Why Did The Templars Operate In Secrecy?

Throughout the years the knights templars had secreted a vast fortune. Coins, jewelry, and silver and gold bullion were hid away in large vaults in France and England. The large amounts of treasure were then transported to a chapel in Roslin in Scotland.

William Sinclair of Scotland, a wealthy man with a large fleet of ships, and an abundance of land throughout Scotland, built Roslin chapel.

His design of the chapel was a major undertaking of that time. The castle had an elaborate underground tunnel system as well as huge vaults that were concealed below ground. Why did William Sinclair put so much effort into building such an elaborate underground vault system? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that for years the Sinclair family had been the guardians of a vast treasure that was accumulated by the templars.

The alliance between the Sinclair family and the Templars began many years before Henry Sinclair had built his massive castle.

Hugues de Payens, the founder of the Templars was by marriage, related to the Norman St. Clair family. In later years, the St. Clair name was changed to Sinclair. In addition, through another marriage between the Sinclair family and a powerful Norse family, the Sinclair’s were positioning themselves with power and wealth even greater than what they had been used to.

The Orkney Islands were a possession of the Norse people, and France was at war with England. For years the templars had been secreting their wealth in France. It was now time to move that wealth, and the Sinclair’s, through their alliance with the Orkney’s, which had a hostile relationship with France, moved the treasures to Scotland.

With all of that treasure, accumulated and hidden for years, and also used as a means to support the war between England and France, both the knights, and the Sinclair family needed to operate in secrecy. Even the criminals of today, like drug dealers, bury their cash in secret places.

What Are The Templar Treasures?

Research shows that much of the treasures are coins, jewelry and bullion. The knights templars used their treasure to fund their protection of the Holy Lands. They also set up an elaborate banking system, possibly the first bank system, as we know it today. Although the templars bank system was much more secreted than todays, it worked just as well.

However, because the Templars were in direct contact with the most influential religious and wealthy leaders of it’s time, men who controlled countries and business, they had access to information that no one else had. In all probability, the templars were not only the guardians of a vast monetary treasure, but also were the guardians of secret information. Information that was so powerful, and extraordinary, that it would affect the world and the way history was understood. Even today, if the templar’s treasure of information is ever located and revealed, it would have a monumental effect on world religion and politics.

What Information Were The Knights Templars Guarding?

To answer this question it is important to look at another piece of the templar puzzle.

In the middle 1800’s in Rennes-le-Chateau France, a parish priest Berenger Sauniere was repairing a church. The church had been built in 1059.

As Sauniere was removing an alter stone and the pillars that were supporting it, he noticed that one of the pillars was hollow. Inside were three sealed tubes, and each tube contained documents on parchment.

Two of the Latin texts were dated 1244 and 1644. Two more texts were religious and coded. Sauniere, under secrecy, had the texts decoded.

The texts led to other documents hid in secret places. In the end what Sauniere learned was that the coded messages told of a bloodline of Jesus, a record of descendants that actually began with Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and that bloodline, still exists today.

Were The Templars Involved With The Oak Island Treasure? In my ezine I wrote about the treasure on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia. The Templars Played A Part Of That Treasure I concluded that quite possibly the treasure buried there may be the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper.

I mentioned that the Holy Grail was brought to Oak Island by the Sinclair family, who were guardians of this treasure, given to them by the Templars, and that this family who understood elaborate tunnel systems, having built them throughout their castle in Scotland, had the means to bury this treasure in such a way that it would take many years to find and recover.

However, my research does not end at Oak Island with the Holy Grail. I believe there are Templar treasures buried throughout the world, and that these treasures are, as mentioned before, coins, jewelry, bullion and information of historical significance, such as the written documentation of the continued bloodline of Jesus.

Sir Francis Bacon, Freemasons, and the United States

Freemasonry began in the seventeenth century as a kind of super glue for the problems of the world that the Catholic Church has always tried to fix.

The ideas, concepts and rules of Freemasonry were acted upon in lodges that were set up throughout the world. Freemasonry was also closely associated with “Rosicrucianism”. Rosicrucian was formed during the Middle Ages as a ” College of Invisibles” whose purpose was to bring about a "universal reformation of mankind".

The concept behind this college was that knowledge was power and that the kind of knowledge they held was more powerful than any knowledge known to the average man at that time, or even now. This group consisted of scientists, physicians, alchemists, writers and philosophers. The knowledge they held, some of it passed on to them by the templars, had been arranged to be brought to the New World, on the voyage to Jamestown Virginia, in 1607 by Sir Francis Bacon.

In the seventeenth century, England was a hotbed for Rosicrucianism. One such follower was Sir Francis Bacon. Bacon, who many believe wrote the Shakespeare plays. Bacon was also the author of a book titled, “The New Atlantis.” In this book Bacon idealized a kind of utopian society. He expanded his ideology on the teachings of Plato and Plato’s belief of the lost continent called Atlantis.

Bacon was also a shareholder in the “The Virginia Company of Plymouth”, a company that was formed in England. This company was founded as a catalyst to settle the New World, or what later would become America.

Bacon’s ideas of a utopian society in America as well as the money and the influence behind the “The Virginia Company was to eventually become the depository of these treasures in the US.

Bacon would eventually transport a treasure of coins, gold and silver bullion, and jewels worth billions of dollars in today’s figures.

Also transported to Jamestown would be the written documents of knowledge so significant that it could change the world, The buried caches of treasure and knowledge, passed down through the ages by the templars, still lay uncovered in secret vaults throughout the United States.

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