5 coins in one hole

by Garry boblick
(Benzonia michigan)

So on April 20th 2019 a friend and I decided to go out to do some detecting at a cellar hole and orchard state park in manistee after spending most of the day at the cellar hole with no results we left and headed to the state park when we arrived he took me to an area where he and an other friend had four a few silver coin we started to detect around that area I dug a pill tab and a few bottle caps then I swung over a decent signal and began to dig as I flipped the plug out I seen a silver coin in the pile it was an 1876 seated liberty quarter as I scanned the hole more with my pin pointer I found there was more in the hole there was a 1870 Canadian quarter a 1894 barber quarter and 2 v nickels 1904 and 1886 thia was the best hole ive dug in my ahort detecting career

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Oct 31, 2019

Great find
by: Dirthole

Nice coins. Great Job metal detecting. Wish I was there
With you.

Aug 02, 2019

by: Anonymous

So you dug these at Orchard Beach I am guessing. Either way, you should be going back as soon as possible and checking the area over again.

Aug 02, 2019

GREAT Finds!
by: Frank

Garry, thanks for the story and pics.

Those are nice coins. And what an exciting way to find them.

Thanks again,


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