1810 wedding band

by Robbie

Here`s another old piece of jewerly I found yesterday.So far this is the oldest dated find.At first I thought it to be a poor man`s wedding band because of the metal.It`s either brass or copper.Had it been gold or silver,I would have got excited.After I cleaned it up,I noticed there was a date on the inside 1810.I never knew they dated rings nor did I know that they made rings out of brass or copper.Here are some pics of it.I was trying to magnify it so you can see the date but it did`nt work.Anyway I thought it was pretty cool.I wonder what this could be worth.

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Sep 10, 2012

Copper Band
by: Anonymous

thanks guys i found one in devon yesterday will look for a date.Dave

Aug 03, 2011

Nice Old Ring!
by: Frank

Robbie, I've found a few of those old wedding bands as well. Mine were all copper. I have no idea of there worth. I wouldn't expect much though.


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