17th Century Coin Bonanza !!

by Herbie Robinson
(New Hampshire)

Pine Tree Obverse

Pine Tree Obverse

Hi all!
I got word from a local 'old timer' that a certain area of a cove on my local tidal creek was used as as swimming & picnic area when he was a child, Got permission from the property owner to scan the saltmarsh areas above the waterline. So, around lowtide I started searching in the shallow water.

I found toasted SLQ, 1907 Barber Quarter & a smooth large copper, as the tide advanced, I moved inshore, and not making any more good finds, decided to head north to a Fine Cellarhole that usually gives up some goodies.

Speed scanning as I walk back to my truck, I get a signal, I recover what looks like a lead token, (Got my E-TRAC in two tone, and didn't look at the readout). I put it in my pocket with my other coins, then shop at the market for an hour, & drive 35 miles to the cellarhole site.

Before starting the 3/4 mile walk, I empty my pockets and give the 'Token' a rinse. Lo and behold, I see the tree clearly, Whoa, stop, jaw drop. Turn it over, see the X... Heart pounding, I pull out my phone, snap a quick pic & send it off to my detecting buddy, I marvel at it a little more, then wrap it in a piece of wet paper & head off to find some more goodies, (must be my lucky day, right!), up there I got a nice1847 LC, didn't spend much time hunting there, I wanted to get home for some research on the Tree.
It is late die state Noe-1, the die crack is advanced to where it looks like the date area is about to pop out.
My other trips to the site yielded another Mass silver,
This one an Oak Tree Shilling, and a 'Very Rare' variety, Noe-3, Easily Id'ed by the "New England" on reverse starting at the 1 o'clock position.
An undated Hammered Silver Portugese 400 Reis 'Cruzado' issued by Johanne IV between 1640-1654,
and lastly a 1696 William III Half Penny.
John Hull was producing Silver coins for about 30 years, and there was great difficulty keeping them in local circulation, I believe there are still many in the ground, too bad there's so much ground...
Hoping that someone out there gets a plain 'NE' coin this year!

Best Digs to everyone!

Herbie - NH, USA

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Mar 29, 2012

My Anniversary Finds
by: Herbie

Thank you Frank,
It's an honor to have my discoveries featured.
These coins were found during the anniversary third year of metal detecting.
You really never know what that next swing will turn up!!

Best wishes and Happy Hunting to all,

Mar 29, 2012

Herbie, GREAT finds!
by: Frank

Herbie, first I want to say sorry for not getting back to you asap re:your story. The web hosting company here was down for an entire day and I could not access my website.

Your story is exciting indeed. To find those coins where you did, just goes to show you that you never know what your going to dig. That is why this is such a great hobby.

Keep us posted with anything else you find. And thanks again.


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