by Marty Cambell.

"wheres the shovel!!! is all i heard from one side of my head because the ear-phones were on and i was busy poking the ground for some signal i just got!! daniel on the other hand was fussing and scraping and carrying on like a friggin outlaw rbel trying to dig whatever it ws up!! Marty......LOOK!! coins!! lots of em!! Good shepard of heaven ...its real Coins!! he found a stash of buried loot i guess ..but the coins were in the hundreds and the earth kept giving them up every pile of overturned dirt!! Now what ? get them all thats what!! we must have searched for one hour on this one hole!! 837 coins and i bet theres more!! daniel was so stumped he counted every coin we recovered eating a mars bar and whispering hail mary jargon! it goes to show what patience and good topo maps can produce! this ground used to house Union soldiers in this camp that no longer even stands! a barracks, kitchen, bathouse, main quarters and a stable! we kept our mouths shut when we went home to realize what had just been done!! i assume this was a payroll or keep sake stash for soldiers until a later time! daniel insist's we get each coin appraised and talks of the new RV hes gonna to get!!*(HELP ME) you reckon you want half of the take marty? well sure daniel...i mean my maps and research and coffee!right? ...yeah ..OK he says!! one thing is for sure...the civil war has so many finds -to -find that we only scratched the surface!! keep your hats on and find some great treasure by investigating your territory as always! hell im 59 and i need to retire....With a garret detector and a shovel !!

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Jun 18, 2013

WOW Marty!
by: Frank

Marty, GREAT story! I can imagine the excitement you guys felt as you kept digging those coins.

It does pay, literally, to use topo's and research. I talk about that constantly.

Thanks again,

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