Testimonials From Some Of Our Happy Viewers


Please, please put out some more metal detecting videos. I have all your current ones and have watched them so often that my wife says I practically know what will be done and said before it happens. I have other metal detecting videos such as Whites and Minelabs but yours are the absolute best! Please keep my email address and contact me if and when you do put out some more videos.

Thanks Jim

I have been teaching local history for 22 years. And when Mr. Pandozzi came to our Junior high class with a video of his TV series about New York ghost towns, my classes were speechless. I think they learned more from his series in one viewing than what I tried to teach in an entire semester.” Mary B. Teacher

Frank: Thank you for sending the Ghost Town DVD from your TV series. I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. My husband and I watched the DVD before showing it to my classes. Alex, my husband told me to tell you that he is now a loyal fan. He loved it! I feel the same way.

We had no idea there are New York ghost towns, or any ghost towns in the east.

You really captured the mood of how life was lived in the east, hundred’s of years ago. I showed the DVD to five of my junior high classes.

The response from the students was remarkable. As I mentioned to you when we first met,

I was in the process of teaching them the history of what life was like during the 1800’s, your DVD enhanced my teaching. The students have asked questions that I would have never imagined. The DVD gave them a sense of excitement about the pioneers of that period.

I could have never taught them in a more exciting way. Thank You!!

We are looking forward to having you in our classes in two weeks. My students keep asking me what day you are coming. They are excited that they have a chance to meet a real treasure hunter.

You may copy and paste this email to use as my testimonial, but please do not use my email address.

Also, I would prefer having you contact me if anyone is interested in speaking with me further about this testimonial or your DVD. I hope you understand!

Thanks again for a great DVD, and we hope to see more of Exploring History’s Treasures both in our classrooms as well as on local television.

Respectfully, Susan P----- M-----

I want to congratulate you on your series. I purchased the series yesterday and am over half way through all of the videos. They are very well done. It is nice to find a show on metal detecting that I can watch while the weather here is rotten. I enjoy watching Frank and John as they dig up the past. Respectfully Jeff H, Canada

To Exploring History’s Treasures Producers, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your DVD. I regret that I cannot watch your shows on my local dish channels. I have loaned the DVD to several members of my metal detecting club and all of they had rave reviews. Hopefully one day it will be available nationwide and everyone can have the opportunity to watch it. Harry M. Roswell, GA

I watched the episodes when the video arrived, great show. It made me feel I was searching with Frank and his buddy again in New York. I really like how Frank layered the now gone homes over the current vacant sites. I'm looking forward to seeing the next installments of Exploring Historys Treasures show. Thanks again Frank...great show. HH Stan

“It’s about time that someone made a TV show that presents history in an exciting way.” Michelle V. Liverpool NY

“I never knew ghost towns existed in the east. I can’t wait for the next series.” Mark P. Syracuse NY

“What a program. WOW! I love watching them dig relics from around the old towns.” Anthony P. Central Square NY

“My wife and I were amazed at how Frank and John located the old ghost towns. We’re also going to buy metal detectors.” Sue & Mike O. Syracuse NY

“I have been teaching local history for 22 years. And when Mr. Pandozzi came to our Junior high class with a video of his TV series, my classes were speechless. I think they learned more from his series in one viewing than what I tried to teach in an entire semester.” Mary B. Teacher

“I was excited, captivated and feeling adventurous after viewing the first episode of Ghost Towns. I’ve driven by hundreds of these areas not knowing they existed. Hurry up second episode. Jill M. Fayettevile, NY

“Frank and John. You guys can come to Alabama and detect with me anytime. We have ghost towns here to. GREAT DVD! Thanks for the fun!” John D. Al

“I heard that Exploring Historys Treasures was good. My buddies in Florida bought the DVD. I recently did the same and was very impressed. When’s the next series due?” Mike O. Phil. PA

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting a lifetime for a great metal detecting TV series. And now I have the DVD. Frank and John are the perfect pair for this series. Carmen L. Phoenix NY

Frank, Thank you for the dvd I was very impressed with the video. I have watched it twice now. Please keep me updated with any additional videos/books/articles that may soon be coming out. Thanks again, Brian H. PA

Dear Frank, thank you so much for sending the dvd. I wonder if it is possible to let me know when you bring any more out as i would like to add to the one i have, many thanks.

I enjoyed the dvd very much and i think you two are very good on it.I found the metal detecting very interesting and liked seeing the finds, coins and buttons, spoons, etc.You two certainly look like you enjoy each others company a great deal.

The quality of your dvd is excellent and i watched all the episodes one after the other with fascination.Once again, many thanks for taking the time to send me your excellent dvd and please say hello to your buddy from me, regards, Alan R, UK

Hi Frank Just finished up your dvd on the Ghost Towns Of The East Series. Just wanted you to know It was A+. I really appreciated viewing it. If you have any other dvds on other topics please let me know. I lived in the upper part of New York all my life by Rennselear NY. I' ve done alot of metal detecting there and found some nice things. Thanks again Dick K, NC

“Exploring History’s Treasures, you have a Great show can’t wait for more.” Jay Logan, Warners NY

“ Hi, my name is Morris P----. I recently purchased the Exploring Histories Treasuers DVD and loved it. My brother also watched it and told his friends about it. Will you be on TV in Canada? I am from Ontario Canada. I hope so. Thank you.”

“Frank... The old Logging camps series sounds very interesting! Its about time the stations show us local area history as it is not only exciting but important to document as You know...history is slowly disintegrating & all that will be left is the words & future generations will benefit in the effort being done to record it! Good Metal Detecting to You!!” ...Dan, Buffalo NY

Frank.. Thanks again! looking forward to the DVD. Wish Your series would air here in Buffalo,NY. It is tough to get syndicated & I wish You luck. Keep up the good work & keep detecting!


Frank I really liked the DVD. I have allready watched it several times and learn something new each time. It would be great if it were on TV around here, I would surely make it point to watch. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more in the near future. Bob Evatz, PA

Hi Frank, We watched your video and we really enjoyed it. And yes we would like to see your TV series on TV. And one more question do you sell shirts like the one you wear in episode 4 Exploring History. Thank you and let us know.

Thank you, Ray and Dawn, Ohio

Hey Frank I watched all 5 episodes......Man oh man, I am hooked. What away to end that DVD on episode #5. Now tell me what was that find? My whole family is wanting to know .....you have them on the edge of there seat...begging for more. My wife said they cant leave us hangin, that its not fair. Now when can i get my hands on more? I cant wait.......give me all the details. I will say you guys are on to a great thing here. Its Fun, comical, exciting, and full of suspense....almost like being there with you. Larry B, Indiana

“Hi Frank... watched Your series today and loved it! One thing though... What the heck did John find towards the end in episode 5 ????? Your series was very entertaining as You really have to watch closely to appreciate its value in the knowledge the series represents & the counless hours it takes to learn & investigate the subject matter as the history just does not present itself out of thin air. It is VERY important that people know of the early settlers,who they were,the hardships of the time & who made the country what is today / The early Pioneers/settlers.

This series is of interest to Young and old alike as very few take the time to do what You do and that is to document and tell the story of our past history

Its a shame that more television stations do not air such fine work as You did regarding this series! This is the high season for "Reality Shows" and what better than the reality show: Exploring History's Treasures" a show that is entertaining and educational.”

Happy Hunting! Dan,Buffalo,NewYork

“Frank: Loved watching the DVD with my two boys (8 & 10). When I first put in the DVD, my kids were mad & wanted me to switch it back to the Disney channel.

Once we started watching it, they were enthralled. My oldest got his first metal detector for X-mas in December, my other son turned 8 on 1/13/06, so he wanted one too! Of course, I got him one too!

Since the weather in SW Ohio is not great this time of year, they have only gone out 2-3 times. They can't wait for warmer & dryer weather!!!

Anyway, after getting them hooked on the DVD & them making sure we watched all 5 episodes, they were completely crushed at not finding out what you found. Just thought you would like to know. We watched the DVD over a week ago, and they keep asking me every day if I have emailed you to find out what was in that hole! FRANK, JOHN......WHAT IS IN THAT DARN HOLE

I have my guesses, but realize it could be anything from a casket to the "treasure box full of gold". My boys are hoping it was the Doctor's gold.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know our response to the DVD. Can't wait until you have a regular series on TV. I hope it's on a channel I can access locally, or I guess I'll be ordering a DVD subscription. ”

I really loved the DVD. Looking forward to more EHT to come. Tracey, Zachary & Noah in Miamisburg, OH

”Frank, I would like to watch your show. We live in Sioux Falls, SD. I have a 5 year old son who also enjoyed watching the shows. What we enjoyed the most was seeing what was dug up. I also enjoyed the hints of how to locate ghost towns and buildings. I'm hooked!” Thanks” Rick SD

`”Hi ther Frank I just watched the DVD Ghost towns of the East, I learned some new tricks and tips from it. I think it is great because here in N.H. we dont have any type of show or series related to metal detecting.I would love to see N.H. public T.V.run your series as would my club members as well. It was fun to watch and I can relate to the flora and fauna, unlike others I have watched that are set in England or the desert. The only question I have is: WHAT THE HECK DID YOU GUYS END UP DIGGING UP THAT DAY? the episode ends before you describe it. I have to admit, its like one of those StarWars movies where you wonder who Darth Vader is! HA HA.... Thanks much.” Tammie G. N.H.

Frank, I'm new to metal detecting and have been reading and watching everything I can get my hands on. This was one of the best educational DVDs on how to research productive search areas from the past that I have come a cross. In episode two you really touched on how to use old survey maps to find untouched sites. There is nothing on my local cable channels that supplies this type of information and I would love to be able to see your further adventures and hopefully pick up some additional helpful hints. Thanks again and best luck with your series. I hope to see you in the field someday. John, NJ

“Frank and John Just watched the Ghost Towns in the East DVD series.Great Show. I wish cable TV would pick this up,it would be a great addition to the outdoor channel. Keep up the great work.” Jeff R.,Dallas,Ga.

Hi Frank, Love what you're doing, its great. I downloaded your ghost town series then had to order it on dvd when it came out. I am eagerly awaiting the logging camp dvd and others that may be coming. Any idea when they will be available? I’d love to see your series in Indiana. Thanks Nick in Indiana

Frank, After I emailed you about your g/town dvd I went back to your website. I realized I could have bought all of your series as downloads, so I did. The “logging camps” was exciting, and the French & Indian war series site was interesting & well filmed. You have a way of showing history that is far superior than anything I have seen. I watch the history network and your Exploring histories Treasures should be there. Will we be able to get your show on cable in New Jersey? I told the members in my metal detecting club about your series. I gave them your website adress. Maybe you can come to our club and talk to the members? Let me know if you would like to meet with us. Thanks…Jerry Willis, NJ

To everyone at exploring histories treasures,

I don’t remember giving a testimonial for anything I ‘ve purchased. Everyt’ng we buy today is jk. I find better junk in the ground when metal detecting, lol. But this time I’m breaking my rule by sending you this email. You fellas have a “WINNER”. I purchased the ghost towns in the east Dvd from ebay and I’ve watched it twice in two days. How ‘d ya ever come up with this idea? Never mind, I’m glad ya did! I have to buy all the series. You’ve hooked me. I’ll probably call my local cable station and tell’em they better get your series on Tv or I’m not pay’en for any more of their lousy service. If you boys are ever near Tucson please call me. I’d love to hang with you and detect.” My hats off to yu!

Spencer C, Tucson, AZ

Ps: I used to live in Rochester ny. We moved away when I was 10. I’m familiar with the g/towns here in the west, but never would have thought them to be in the east. When yur ready to film out here I’ll hook ya up with the rite people. Spence!

Dear Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for being a guest speaker in my 8th grade English classes. My students found your presentation and ghost town dvd both informative and fun. You really captured their interest with your knowledge, and the use of the artifacts and the metal detector was a real plus. It's always a treat when I can help students to connect what we read and write about in class with what is happening around them in the outside world. I deeply appreciate you sharing it with my students. Sincerely, Bill Zimpfer, English Teacher Southern Central School

Frank, I just finished the watching the ghost town dvd. It was terrific. I want to watch the next one, but the family is waiting to go out. I would love to see your series on our local cable station. I am in Charter Cable territory. Keep up the great work and I look forward to future shows. Thanks again. Vinnie, Mass.

"Frank, my name is Kevin Metzger, I live in South Jordan Utah, 84095. I would definetly like to view your series in my area. I am an avid metal detectorist & would be interested to see if your series covers any detecting, treasure finding types. I hope that the program appears in Utah, looking forward to seeing it. Will it be on satellite?"

"Hi, Frank, I live in Galesburg, IL. 61401 and my cable company is Insight Communications, www.insightbb.com. I have been a treasure hunter for over 30 yrs. and would, truly, like to be able to receive your tv program in my area." Sincerely, Ron Swanson

To: Frank W. Pandozzi, Executive Producer, ExploringHistorysTreasures.com


"I am very interested in seeing "Exploring History's Treasures" go into syndication. Since I first heard about the series several months ago, I have been eagerly awaiting for it to appear on television. I think the mixture of history, the outdoors, and the thrill of the search would make this program highly enjoyable to many audiences. I would compare it to History's Mysteries meets Antiques Road Show. It is sure to be a winner, and I will be waiting for it to hit the airwaves in Columbus."

Peter Barney Columbus, Ohio

"I live in Maryland. Is it possible to see your series in my state? If not do you sell video etc ? Thanks.---- Avid Metal detector hobbiest" The Puccierlla Family

“My wife and I are great fans of Exploring Historys Treasures. We watched the Mysteries Uncovered and Logging Camp TV series when it premiered at the Theatre. We sat there hoping that the show would not end. Frank, John and Mike are great. The history of the Logging Camp, the French & Indian War site, the ghost town, and the metal detecting was excellent. Thanks to EHT for another great series.” Adam & Marie W. Bville, NY

“I purchased the Mysteries Uncovered and Logging Camp DVD from Frank when he spoke to my Junior High school classes. Now I have another teaching tool from EHT. This DVD, like the Ghost Town DVD was a hit with my students. Once again I was left feeling a bit sad when the DVD had ended. I was hoping there was more. All of my students enjoyed the metal detecting and the history behind the relics they found with their metal detectors. Thanks! Keep up the GREAT work EHT.” Marcy Q… Rochester, New York

“We bought the Ghost Town dvd and loved it so much. Mike and I could not wait for the Mysteries Uncovered, Logging Camp dvd to be released. Now that we have watched it… WOW what another super dvd. Guys, Mike and I hope you become syndicated. Thanks again Exploring Histories Treasures.” Sue & Mike O. Syracuse NY

“Are the TV executives blind? Exploring History’s Treasures is GREAT!! Fantastic!! Their TV series and dvd’s are first class and exciting. Now I have them all. Come on TV land? With all the crap on TV today. Syndicate these guys.” Marty Gaspin, USA

“Frank, When will your next DVD be avaliable? I have all the currrent ones and look forward to the next.

I have to tell you that your shows are the best! I have Treasure Hunting America by Whites Detectors and several other video and DVD's on treasure hunting but yours is the best!

Hope to see John again in the next one also.”

Jim, USA