Metal Detecting For Beginners Ebook

Here is a Metal Detecting for Beginners Ebook that will help you learn how to properly use a metal detector.

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This Metal Detecting For Beginners Ebook
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If you are a beginner to the metal detecting hobby, or you are thinking about purchasing your first detector, this Metal Detecting For Beginners Course will explain everything you need to know about metal detectors.

"Frank, I just finished your course on metal detectors. Thanks, it will help me understand what I need to do when I buy my first detector. The course was great. I can't wait to get started in the hobby."

Jerome L. NJ

Your reasons for purchasing my metal detecting for beginners course may be many.

Perhaps you want to be a “coin shooter” and search for lost and dropped coins in parks and schoolyards.

Maybe you live near a beach and you would like to walk those beaches with your detector and find the lost rings, jewelry, and coins that people lose.

Or maybe your dreams are to become a professional treasure hunter and search for lost and buried treasures that exist on land and in the oceans.

Whatever your reasons, learning how to correctly use a metal detector is the most important point that needs to be stressed.

Many people give up the hobby in frustration. Most reasons given for quitting goes something like this.

"I can't find good stuff. All I dig is junk."

Believe me, we all dig our share of junk. However, the most important reason why some dig more junk than others, and find less old coins, gold and silver rings, and treasures, are because they do not use their detector properly.

So Why Should I Write This Ebook

I've been metal detecting for many years. Back in the 1960's I used what was called a BFO metal detector. Long outdated, they had more knobs and buttons than a Boeing 727 airplane. I've metal detected and treasure hunted in some pretty amazing areas. And, I'm proud to say I was the first to produce and host, the first metal detecting, TV series. Exploring History's Treasures.

The Metal Detecting For Beginners Ebook Benefits

This Ebook will help you to:

Learn How To Use Discrimination

Teach You What Mineralization Is

Learn To Ground Balance Your Detector

Use A Grid Pattern

Learn How To Use The Sensitivity Control

and much more.

Metal Detecting Is A Great Hobby!

It can take you to places many people only dream about.

I’ve known professional treasure hunters who make their living traveling the world searching for lost treasures.

These same individuals were once just like you.

They started with their first metal detector searching in parks and schoolyards for dropped coins and jewelry.

Over the years they became so fascinated with the hobby that their searches now take them to the far corners of the earth.

If your intentions are to do the same, then this "Metal Detecting For Beginners" Ebook will help you to get started on the right foot.

" Dear Frank, I always wanted a metal detector, but I wasn't sure how to begin buying one. There are no dealers in this area, and I didn't know who to ask. I'm glad I found your ebook. It really helps. I'm excited!"

Bill from Ohio

"Hey Frank, thanks for your invaluable advise. I've already increased the amount of good finds since buying this eBook."

Stanley H.

My Ebook, is just 60 pages in length. However, I have taken the boring, technical jargon that turns most people off, and reduced it into understandable pages.

You don't need to be an expert on metal detecting design and functions to become a good treasure hunter, all you need to know are the basics, and that is what my Ebook gives you.

This Book Is a Download

This Metal Detecting For Beginners book is an Ebook, and available to download immediately after you purchase it using Paypal. This book is not available in paper.

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The price Now is just $4.95.

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