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From Exploring Historys Treasures TV Series

Are you are looking to purchase a metal detecting video, that shows your everyday, run-of-the-mill "see what I've found" amateur clip, shot with a $300 camcorder? Sorry, but if that's what your looking for, then you better get off this page now, because you will be wasting your time.

Here' why:

First, our TV metal detecting TV series,

Exploring Historys Treasures, was produced for TV, by a professional film crew.

Second, I am a professional treasure hunter. What does that mean? It means that I have been earning an income from metal detecting/treasure hunting for many years. I used my experience to produce my TV series. I knew what hobbyists wanted to see in television, and I gave it to them.

My TV series was not produced by amateurs. The results of our efforts was so overwhelmingly positive, that our 13 episodes were chosen to be viewed, at the NATPE Convention (National Association of Television Professionals and Executives) in Las Vegas Nevada. This was a very high honor for us to be viewed by TV exec's and professionals from all over the world. I am very proud of this honor. We were the first production company to film an exciting, adventurous, metal detecting, reality series for television.

Since that time, others have tried to copy our productions, but have failed. There is nothing wrong with filming what you find while metal detecting, but there is a big difference between an amateur with a camcorder, and a professional production company. Sure, we call our TV series a metal detecting video, however, our 13 episodes go much deeper than just showing a couple of guys digging coins.

Do you enjoy metal detecting, as well as the adventure it may bring?

Do you love history?

If you do, then you will enjoy our TV series.

But remember, my metal detecting video is now, only sold as a download.

Frank, "Please, please put out some more metal detecting videos. I have all your current ones and have watched them so often that my wife says I practically know what will be done and said before it happens. I have other metal detecting videos such as Whites and Minelabs but yours are the absolute best! Please keep my email address and contact me if and when you do put out some more videos. Thanks Jim the Okie"

“I heard that Exploring Historys Treasures was good. My buddies in Florida bought the DVD. I recently did the same and was very impressed. When’s the next series due?” Mike O. Phil. PA

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting a lifetime for a great metal detecting TV series. And now I have the DVD. Frank and John are the perfect pair for this series. Carmen L. Phoenix NY

The complete series consists of:

Ghost Towns of the East – 5 episodes

The March To Fort Bull – 4 episodes

Mysteries Uncovered – 2 episodes

Logging Camps of the Nineteenth Century – 2 episodes


Our metal detecting video set of the entire series, in DVD format, is no longer being sold. The DVD's can no longer be purchased in any retail outlets, or on the Internet. However, you can now purchase and download the entire 13, half hour, episodes.

Do not purchase if you are looking for a metal detecting video that shows you how to dig a coin.

Do not purchase this video if you are looking for some kind of secret trick to better finds.

Do not purchase this video if you want to see a bunch of people digging planted coins in a farm field.

However, if you want a metal detecting video that entertains, and shows you what kind of possibilities you can encounter if you go beyond parks, and school yards, then this metal detecting video production from, Exploring History's Treasures," is what your looking for.


"I want to congratulate you on your series. I purchased the series yesterday and am over half way through all of the videos. They are very well done. It is nice to find a show on metal detecting that I can watch while the weather here is rotten. I enjoy watching Frank and John as they dig up the past. Respectfully Jeff H, Canada"

Archaeologists Try to Shut Down Production

Our TV production, "Exploring Historys Treasures", became so successful that Archaeologists tried to close down my production company.

When our TV series "Ghost Towns Of The East” first hit the airwaves, the Archaeological community verbally attacked my show, my co-host John, and me.

Apparently, they were upset because we were showing the viewing public how to locate and dig relics, even though we were on private property.

Watch for yourself. You decide what all the fuss was about.

You can watch our brief metal detecting video trailers at the links below. Be patient, depending on your computer system, it may take a few minutes to load.

The complete series consists of:

Ghost Towns of the East – 5 episodes

The March To Fort Bull – 4 episodes

Mysteries Uncovered – 2 episodes

Logging Camps of the Nineteenth Century – 2 episodes

Learn from John and I how we locate Eastern ghost towns. Watch us dig relics that were lost hundreds of years ago.

You will also learn the best way to metal detect around the old cellar holes, and where those buried, cellar hole caches may be hidden.

We'll take you on a real life treasure hunt for a Doctors buried cache from the 1800's. We'll take you on a 130 mile adventure as we relive a French & Indian War battle. Learn how we researched and located old logging camps of the 1800's.

In addition, you will receive behind the scenes footage, that are only available through our downloads. Watch my partner John Decharo and I talk about certain scenes we were filming. This metal detecting video download includes 13 half hour, TV episodes, and behind the scenes footage.

“What a program. WOW! I love watching them dig relics from around the old towns.” Anthony P. Central Square NY

If you are a teacher, or in education, our TV series has inspired Junior High and High School students to gain a better understanding of American History during the 1800's. If you are interested in having me speak to your class, or you would like to purchase the TV series for education, please contact me.

"I have been teaching local history for 22 years. And when Mr. Pandozzi came to our Junior high class with a video of his TV series about Eastern ghost towns, my classes were speechless. I think they learned more from his series in one viewing than what I tried to teach in an entire semester.” Mary B. Teacher

Frank: Thank you for sending the Ghost Town DVD from your TV series. I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. My husband and I watched the DVD before showing it to my classes. Alex, my husband told me to tell you that he is now a loyal fan. He loved it! I feel the same way.

We had no idea there are ghost towns in the east. You really captured the mood of how life was lived in the east, hundred’s of years ago. I showed the DVD to five of my junior high classes.

The response from the students was remarkable. As I mentioned to you when we first met, I was in the process of teaching them the history of what life was like during the 1800’s, your DVD enhanced my teaching. The students have asked questions that I would have never imagined. The DVD gave them a sense of excitement about the pioneers of that period.

I could have never taught them in a more exciting way. Thank You!!

We are looking forward to having you in our classes in two weeks. My students keep asking me what day you are coming. They are excited that they have a chance to meet a real treasure hunter. Respectfully, Susan P----- M-----"

Hi Mr. Pandozzi, thank you for sending the links for the downloads of your TV series. Your Ghost Towns of the East series was AWESOME! It was so good that I am now in search of ghost towns here in --------------! I have been on a 6 day journey across a few states having an adventure. I have camped out in the back of my Nissan Xterra at night where ever I can find a quiet spot. I have a power inverter for my truck, so I watched the first 5 episodes that I had downloaded on my computer while laying in the back of my Xterra. Although I'm not sure of what you and John discovered on the very end of the 5th video...I'm guessing it was a coffin? but i'm not sure. Is there more video to this?... because it ended and I didn't have anymore videos to watch! I was originially researching ghost towns when I came across your web sites, so all your tips were welcomed since I'm brand new to this.

So far there has been a lesson learned about metal detecting around these old towns.... its really FUN!

Thank you for putting on a great show that is full of knowledge, and I will keep track and check back often. Take care and happy hunting!

D. K.”

The retail price for the entire DVD set of 13 episodes was $89.95.


Because we are no longer selling the DVD set, we have a special reduced price of the entire 13 episodes, as a download, for just $23.88 through Paypal.

But don't wait - soon, the price will be going up.

Can't use Paypal, or don't want to? No problem. You can send a money order to:

Executive Producer Frank W. Pandozzi 506 Valley Drive East Suite 1001 Chittenango, New York 13037

Sorry, we will not accept checks. All checks will be returned. If you pay by money order we will send you the links to the downloads. Please write "download" on your money order.

REMEMBER, you will not be able to purchase this download anywhere else, nor will you be able to purchase the DVD's.

Through this special offer, you will be paying less than $2 per episode.

BUY NOW before the price increase.

You Can View The Promo Trailers Here

IMPORTANT VIEWING INFO. Depending on your computer operating system, it may take a few minutes for the trailers and the video, if you purchase, to download. Please contact me if you have any difficulties.

To purchase, please click here.

If you have any problems, you can contact me through the “Contact Me” form on our home page.

Thank You, and I hope you enjoy the series!

Frank “My wife and I have really enjoyed viewing your “Exploring Historys Treasures,” metal detecting video, and would like our local cable company (GCI) to carry your TV series. It not only covers metal detecting, which has a good following in Alaska, but the history of our great country.Good luck with the series and we hope to see it here soon, Harold S. Alaska”

“Frank and John. You guys can come to Alabama and detect with me anytime. We have ghost towns here to. GREAT metal detecting video! Thanks for the fun!” John D. Al

“Dear Frank, I love the outdoors and I love history. Your metal detecting video dvd added an excitement to both of those loves. It was GREAT!

And now, I may end up buying a metal detector.

Thanks, Kate in Wisconsin”

Have you been to my homepage at

Metal Detecting Ghost Towns Of The East?

The Antiquity laws have affected how we can use our public lands, and as I mentioned above, the laws and the Archaeologists hampered my attempts to film our Series.

My metal detecting video was filmed on private property, but the Archaeologists thought differently.