Metal Detecting Software

Metal detecting software can be a real aid for those of you who like to catalog your finds.

Personally, I have always used a spreadsheet from Microsoft Windows to catalog my “stuff.”

You may be asking why anyone who metal detects would bother to list what they found and where they found it.

Here are my reasons why I like to keep a database of what I have located.

Throughout the years, I forget what metal detecting areas produced what finds. If I have a desire to go back to a spot that I detected years ago, but I forgot what I found there, I can use my spreadsheet to show if the trip back would be worth my effort.

Sometimes when I am showing my “stuff” to others, people will ask me where an item was found. If I forgot, I can pull up my spreadsheet on my computer and tell them where.

What areas produced the most finds?

By using my spreadsheet, I can determine what areas produced the most finds over the years, and then I could concentrate on those types of areas.

This type of software can be used the same way, and I’m sure with much more simplicity. Not everyone is comfortable using spreadsheets.

Although I have not used the software listed below, I would be interested if you have, or if you have used any other types of detecting software.

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Metal detecting software could be used to catalog eastern ghost town finds.