The Metal Detecting Hobby Is the Best Hobby; Here's Why

The metal detecting hobby is the best hobby around, here’s why. The cost of a good, beginner’s metal detector is less than $250.
With the price of gold and silver skyrocketing to all time highs, you can find enough coins that will eventually pay for the cost of your detector.

Every day, detectorists are finding gold and silver rings.

I know individuals around the country who have located buried caches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the right kind of research, you could be the one who locates a horde.

The benefit of exercise while metal detecting is often overlooked.

The need to be constantly walking, and bending down to dig plugs has a positive effect on your body. You burn calories, get a cardio workout, and you are toning your stomach all at the same time.

If you are interested in searching for the old eastern ghost towns,

the metal detecting hobby can bring you a great adventure.

then your benefit from exercise will be increased because you will be walking, or hiking great distances through rough terrain in order to locate the old settlements.

The hobby can also lead you to travel to places where you had never imagined you would be going to.

I know people who vacation in resort areas around the world so they can metal detect along the beaches.

Many people visit historical cities and towns with the purpose to metal detect those areas.

However, always pay attention to the laws that have to do with the hobby.

You can visit this page for more information about those laws.
If you are a beginner, the metal detecting hobby page here, is a good place to begin.

Metal Detecting For Beginners
And of course, you can always contact me with any questions.