Maine Lost Treasure

Maine lost treasure sites are listed on this page. This State is known for it's pirate treasure. You can locate treasures, others have. But you will need to follow up on research. I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. As treasure tales go, especially pirate treasure stories, many times the information passed down through the years is inaccurate.

This information should be researched through other means as well. Never rely on one piece of information about a treasure story you are researching. Use multiple research tools.

For more information on where and how to research for lost treasures, please visit my research page.

Good luck! And have fun in your search for Maine lost treasure.

Monroe Island

Located in the western part of Penobscot Bay.For many years this island was used by pirates and thieves. There are supposedly many buried treasureshidden on the island.

City of Portland Steamer

In the early 1880's, the side-wheeled steamer, "City of Portland", wrecked on Monroe Island.It has been reported that some of the survivors buried gold and silver coins on the island.

Haskell Island

Located near Harpswell Neck. Pirate treasure may be buried on this island.

Pond Island

Located in Casco Bay. There are reports that small caches of gold and silver have been located on this island.

Swan's Island

Located in the Kennebec River. Supposedly another pirate cache is buried on this emal.

Smuttynose Island

Located in York County. Reports are that Blackbeard the pirate buried a large treasure here.

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Maine lost treasures may be located in ghost towns.