Freemasons Secrets; What Treasures Did They Bury?

"The freemasons secrets and myths about their countless treasures."

However, more and more evidence points to this myth as being real.

If so, what did the freemasons bury so many centuries ago?

Many believe that the freemasons are precursors to the

Knights Templars. Its roots can be traced to England during the 1600’s. The idea behind the freemasons was to act as a kind of glue to hold together a world that was becoming more and more disillusioned.

It has also been shown that the history of the freemasons was also tied to the Rosicrucianism movement.

Seqenenre Tao II

However, the very first freemason may have been Seqenenre Tao II a Theban King of the 1500’s BC. If he was, then the freemasons secrets have more to do with truth than of myth.

In their interesting book, The Hiram Key,

authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas piece together an investigative mystery about the freemasons secrets and their beginnings.

Robert Lomas, one of “The Hiram Key” authors, a mason himself was mystified about the initiation ceremonies he and others undertook when they joined the masons.

The freemasons secrets about how the ceremony began and why, led the two authors on their quest for answers.

The Master Mason

The Master Mason is the “sublime” degree Freemasonry. When an individual Mason graduates to this level he is to take an oath. This oath was always a mystery to many inside the secret society.

Why was the oath worded as it was? Where did it originate? What did it really mean?

What the oath means and where it began has much to do with Seqenenre Tao II.

Knight and Lomas believe that Seqenenre was indeed

Hiram Abif.

Hiram Abif

It is believed that Abif was the master mason, or construction leader of King Solomon’s Temple.

What is interesting, as explained by Lomas and Knight in their book, is that there is a symbolic Mason legend that speaks about Hiram being struck on the head and later dying from the wound.

The alleged murder of Hiram Abif supposedly took place in the Temple during the Dark Ages.

Masons throughout the years have expressed in a chant the name Hiram Abif. In this symbolic chant, his murder is also mentioned.

Lomas and Knight believe that Seqenenre Tao II who was supposedly murdered in the same way that Hiram Abif was murdered, with a blow to the head from an axe, was in fact Hiram Abif. They believe this based on evidence from the examination of a mummy that was said to be Seqenenre.

Many Secrets

The freemasons secrets are many. However the greatest secret is why the mystery behind Seqenenre and Hiram Abif?

Only the masons of the highest degree are allowed to hear any reference to Abif. But why is there no reference to Seqenenre?

Perhaps the answer lies in the ruins of King Solomons Temple.

King Solomon’s Temple

King Solomon’s Temple was destroyed twice in Jerusalem. It has been discussed for many years that the Temple held vast treasures that were guarded by both the masons and the Knights Templars. Perhaps Seqenenre Tao II had something to do with those treasures?

One of those treasures may have been the Ark of the Covenant, which according to the Hebrew bible was a container that held stone tablets with the writings of The Ten Commandments.

The overseers of the Temple, the freemasons, may have moved the treasures of the Temple including the Ark of the Covenant during the second destruction of the Temple by the Romans.

Where those treasures are today is another of the many freemasons secrets. Some have said that the Ark of the Covenant may be buried on Oak Island in Nova Scotia. Perhaps the Ark of the Covenant and other Temple treasures are buried in a vault in a cemetery in Virginia, as some have speculated. The real answers to the history of the freemasons may never be known.

Many of the original letters of the societies members as well as any documentation about their activities have been either cached away to remain a secret or destroyed.

Freemasons Secrets and Masonic Secrets reveled in this exciting book.

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