Buried Treasure In Massachusetts
Five Places To Search

Buried treasure in Massachusetts is more than just pirate treasure. Although the State is rich in pirate lore, there are many other treasure tales that exist.

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Buried Treasure In Massachusetts


Here are buried treasure in Massachusetts stories.

The Dungeon Rock Cave, located near Lynn, at the mouth of the Saugus River, may hold a pirate treasure. In 1658, pirate Thomas Veale supposedly buried several chests of gold and silver coins near or inside the cave.

Chelsea is a town on the north side of Boston Harbor. In the 1900’s Chelsea was a wealthy town inhabited by the very rich. In 1908 a vicious fire destroyed most of the town. Many hidden valuables were lost and or destroyed. In 1921 a worker found approximately $50,000 in gold coins and silverware in a field near a destroyed building.

Spanish and British coins dating from the eighteenth century, are being found on the beach between Short Beach and Grover’s Cliff in Withrop, located on the north side of Boston Harbor. The coins are most likely from the many vessels that have wrecked in the harbor.

Gallop‘s Island may hold a chest of diamonds and gold coins buried by the pirate Avery. Over the years many coins have been found on the beaches of the island.

Money Bluff on Deer Island supposedly holds various treasures buried by pirates.

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Buried treasure in Massachusetts may be located in ghost towns.

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