Buried Treasure In Maine

Interested in buried treasure in Maine? You’ve come to the right place.

Maine has plenty of treasures hid throughout the State. There are pirate treasures, and stories about treasures buried during the Revolutionary War. Also, stories about family members who have cached their money for various reasons have been either talked or written about this State.

You also need more information about each treasure than what I have given you here. Do more research on the buried treasure you want to search for.

Every professional treasure hunter has lot’s of information before venturing out to do the actual search. It’s rare that a treasure is found without adequate knowledge of where to look. So here is your start for your search of buried treasure in Maine.

Here are a few stories about lost treasures in Maine.

The seaport of Machias may contain an underground vault containing pirate treasure in the vicinity of the Machias River. Legend says that the Pirate, Black Bellamy built the vault beneath his wooden fort on the river. The fort is now gone, but it was known to be located near the bridge on State route A1.

Near the Skowhegan Falls, on the Kennebec River, may be buried a massive treasure of gold bullion, and coins, buried by a pirate in the early 1700‘s. Supposedly, the treasure is near the intersection of Route 201, and 201A.

St. John‘s Island may hold a treasure worth more than $50,000 in gold and silver coins. The treasure was buried by a Portuguese sailor who lived in the area. The coins are rumored to be buried near the remains of an eighteenth century tavern, that was located on the north end of the island.

Captain Kidd supposedly buried at least 45 treasures in Maine. Many of these treasures are rumored to be in and near Wiscasset.

Bucksport was also used as a hiding place for pirate treasure. Rumors are some of the treasures are near the mouth of the Penobscot River.

Pay attention the State Laws in Maine.

If you do not follow the law, you could get into trouble.

The archaeologists wanted to sue me when I was filming my metal detecting, TV series. I was not breaking the law, but they tried to shut down my production company.

Buried treasure in Maine may be located in ghost towns.

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