Buried Treasure In Louisiana

Buried treasure in Louisiana consist of pirate treasure. I've listed one such story below. I have also included a few more stories about lost treasures.

Before you head out searching, be sure you understand the laws about digging and removing any relics on State or Federal lands. I have posted a few links below that will help you understand what those laws are.

If you have come to this page because you are interested in searching for one of these treasures, it’s a good place to start. But you should also do more research on these stories before you head out to actually search.

 A successful treasure hunter has lots of information to guide him or her. And if you do not own a metal detector, it’s a good idea to have one.

Do you watch the metal detecting, TV shows? I was the first to produce one, Exploring Historys Treasures.

Stories about lost treasure in Louisiana.

Fallen Springs Campsite, a few miles east of Toledo Bend Reservoir, and approximately 4 miles south of Many, was a popular hideout for outlaws. It has been rumored that many small treasures are buried in the vicinity.

The steamboat John Adams sank near Island #82 on the Mississippi River. It was carrying $500,000 in gold.

Lafitte Village was founded by pirates. It is located approximately twenty miles south of Marrero. Jean Lafitte supposedly buried one million dollars in treasures near the cemetery where he is buried. The cemetery is located two miles south of Lafitte.

The Old Camp Place treasure is a story regarding Confederate soldiers burying $20,000 in silver and gold coins near Old Camp Place. Apparently the soldiers were being chased by Union troops. Old Camp Place is located approximately ten miles west of Monroe.

The Red River Treasure consists of approximately two million dollars in gold bullion. It was buried on the shore of the Red River near Coushatta.

Do Not Break The Law

People have been arrested for either knowingly or unknowingly breaking the federal Antiquities Act. Be sure to visit the pages at the links below.

Do you know what the laws are?

If you break the law, you could end up in jail.

Buried treasure in Louisiana may be located in ghost towns.

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