Buried Treasure In Kansas

Buried treasure in Kansas can be found by you. I’m being serious here. For years, many individuals with very little, or no treasure hunting skills have been finding hidden caches, and treasures. If you are interested in searching for one of the many lost treasures, your search starts with this page.

But before you head out to search, be sure you understand what the law says about digging artifacts. I've provided a few links below to help you know the laws.

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You should also research the following stories a bit further. Successful treasure hunting begins with knowledge. The more knowledge you have about a buried treasure, the luckier you become in finding one.

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Here are a few treasure stories related to Kansas.

Near Marysville, on the Blue River, is a treasure of gold dust that was concealed in two buckskin bags. The gold was removed from California gold fields by two miners. The miners on their return from California were killed by Indians shortly after the buried their cache.

The Harris Creek, near the old G.W. Potts farm, near Oneida, holds approximately twenty pounds of gold nuggets. The gold was lost in the 1860’s by a California prospector as he was trying to cross the creek. Unfortunately the miner drowned.

The campus of the University of Kansas, supposedly holds an army payroill treasure consisting of $195,000 in gold and silver. The treasure was buried quickly by four US Army soldiers who were being chased by outlaws. Just one of the soldiers survived the attack. The soldier told authorities that he knew where the general area of the payroll was hidden, but because of heavy rains that washed out the area, they were unable to locate the cache.

An abandoned well near Richmond, supposedly holds a treasure of approximately $85,000 in gold coins. The treasure was cached their by a prospector returning from California. Soon after telling his wife, the prospector was killed. The wife never located the treasure.

Do Not Break The Law

Others have, and they have been arrested.

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