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The Digger :Your Metal Detecting Magazine E-zine
January 09, 2007

The Digger

Issue 2

The Metal Detect’en Adventures Of Clem And Clyde

by Clem Digger

Howdy frinds, Clem Digger yir buddy here agin. I promised in my last article in this here ezine to finish my story ‘bout me and my ole pal Clyde Loop.

If’in ya remember we was look’in fir a ghost town so’s we could do some metal detectin. That’s when old Clyde got us stuck in a manure pile.

We was sitt’in inside Calamity, that’s Clyde’s ole pickup truck try’in to get her unstuck when the farmir walks to us and points a big old double barreled shotgun at are faces.

Ole Clyde done what the farmir asked and stepped outside a Calamity. I did the same. That’s when Clyde began pray’en to the Lord and cry’en to.

He was begg’in fir mercy and his life and told the Lord he was sorry fir runn’in over Nellie Hammonds cat.

The farmir asked us what we was do’in on his property. I told him we was look’in fir a ghost town.

The farmir put that big ole shotgun on Clyde’s forehead and say’s we was ‘bout to become ghosts areselves.

That’s when ole Clyde dropped to his knee’s and begged the Lord again. He asked him to let himself lives long enough to change his ways fir the better.

Clyde was say’en he was sorry fir all the bad things he’d done in his life.

“Lord I’m sorry fir being born dumb. I tried to become smartir.” “Lord I’m sorry fir not pay’in attention when I drove over and kilt Nellie Hammonds cat. “Lord I’m awful sorry fir marry’en my wife when we was married cause I knowd I made her angry.”

And right in the middle of ole Clyde’s pray’in, the farmir told Clyde to git up from his knees and to get off’in his land.

That’s what we did to.

We unstuck Calamity from that manure pile and hightailed outa that farmirs field.

God almighty we was happy to still be alive and not kilt.

Ole Clyde was so happy he started sing’in. He thanked the Lord and told him he was gonna be a better person and try not to yell at Calamity when she become testy.

Anyways, we turnt Calamity around and headed for that ghost town we was look’in fir.

I was read’in the map again and told Clyde we needed to make a rite turn pretty soon.

Clyde was still sing’in when I asked him if’in he heard me tell him we had to make a rite turn pirty soon.

Clyde didn’t say noth’in. So I yelled.

“Clyde. You gotta turn rite at the next intirsection.” That’s when ole Clyde turnt Calamity as fast as a flee jumps onto a junk yard dog.

When I told Clyde he’d turnt to soon and that we was on the wrong road, Clyde jist looked at me and smiled.

I think Clyde was still in schock from hav’in that farmir point’in that big ole shot gun at him.

As I was tell’in Clyde he’d made the wrong turn I heard the train wistle a blow’in up a head. I figired ole Clyde hurt it to. But then again Clyde be’in kinda deaf an all I figired that he’d see the train comm’in on are left.

Ole Clyde jist kept driv’in Calamity straight ahead.

He was still sing’in and prais’in the Lord.

That train wistle was blow’in louder in louder and the gate at that there cross’in was still up.

I figered the gate was gonna come down pirty soon and old Clyde would stop Calamity.

Clyde was sing’in an starring outa his window and Calamity was do’in about fity mile in hour.

That ole train whistle was a blow’in, and the train kept rite on a comm’in, and Clyde dint see a thing or hear noth’in.

He jist kept Calamity on the staright and narrow towards that train crossing.

That’s when I begun pray’in to the Lord.

I told him I was sorry to and that I didn’t wanna end up all mangled and broken like when Jimmy “Woodbugger” MacFarland got himself kilt by walking in front a tractor trailer.

Poor ole Woodbugger layed in pices all over the road. Doc Beeter says that Woodbugger was kilt instantly cause the way his head was so flat.

Anyway, I was pray’in, Clem was sing’in and starr’in out the side window, and that big ole train was still commin with the whistle blow’in.

This here story is ‘bout where I end ‘er. If’in you wanna read more ‘bout me ‘n Clyde, then you kin do so. But ya need ta wait til next month.

My buddie Frank’s got this here ezy-zine fixed so that yir puter will gets the rest’a my story ever month.

I don’t know much bout them dang puters. Thanks anyway fir yir ‘nterest in my liddle story here. Clem Digger

Heard on the Street

Dr. Pepper

Last issue I told you about a few interesting treasure hunting games.

This month I'd like you to know about what Dr. Pepper is offering.

It seems that Dr. Pepper is also jumping on the treasure hunting bandwagon by offering a treasure hunting contest.

If you're interested visit this link.

Rare Coin Found

A silver denarius was found in the UK.

It was found in West Wight and the coin appears to have been from the era of the first Roman emperor Augustus.

Oak Island: Fact or Fiction?

What lost treasure story has brought more attention than the Oak Island buried treasure mystery?

Talk to most treasure hunters about the Oak Island treasure and you’ll get responses that range from “there is nothing buried there”, to “a treasure was buried there by the pirate Captain Kidd”.

Whether you’re familiar with the Oak Island mystery or not, I’ll give you my ideas of what I believe the Oak Island treasure is, and why it’s there.

Last month I began my story about the Oak Island treasure.

This month I will end the story with my personnal thoughts on the treasure.

Last months article ended with the comment about the Holy Grail.

I will recap here and continue.

The Holy Grail: The Cathar Treasure?

The Cathari lived in southern France. They believed that everything on earth was evil. Sex and food were also considered evil. Their purists’ beliefs upset the Catholic beliefs of the Romans, and over a twenty-year period the Romans attacked the Cathari’s and systematically began to destroy their society.

The Templars had been aligned with the Catharsis’s to protect them from the Roman Church. In early 1200 AD thirty thousand Roman soldiers attacked the Catharsis’s as they hid on a mountaintop in France.

However, there was another reason for this attack on the Cathari.

It was believed by many that the treasure called the Holy Grail was being held and protected by the Cathari with the help of the Templars.

The Holy Grail was thought to be the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper.

When the Templars fled the attack on the Cathari’s it was believed that they took the Holy Grail with them. It has never been found.

Leonardo da Vinci

The Sinclair family had the means, the motive, and the money to hide a treasure like the Holy Grail.

For years they had secreted treasures of the Knights Templars. The Sinclair castles were built with stonework that was found of the same type on Oak Island. Yet another interesting side story is the fact that Leonardo da Vinci the great artist was also a master engineer.

He had designed and built massive systems of flooding tunnels and movable sluices aided by hydraulics. The sluices were used to act as a barrier against a current. This type of structure may have been sophisticated enough to be used on Oak Island.

Literally speaking, Oak Island has been a tunnel of nightmares. Tunnel after tunnel has been built, possibly to hide the treasure, only to cave in again and again, as treasure hunters dig into them. Lives have been lost and millions of dollars spent on digging deeper and shoring the tunnels in ways that would prevent such cave-ins. Someone with an extensive knowledge of tunneling and shoring against water designed the Oak Island shafts. Leonardo da Vinci was that man.

The Prieure’ de Sion

At the time of the Sinclair family Da Vinci was involved with the secret society of The Prieure’ de Sion.

This organization was the successor to the Templars. Members of this religious group were as secretive and as ambitious for wealth as was the Templars. And because of the Sinclair’s ties to the Templars and Da Vinci’s membership with The Prieure’ de Sion, the two met through a mutual acquaintance.

France and England at War

Da Vinci was an engineer and France needed his help. He was asked by Ferrante de Gonzaga, the Grand Master of The Prieure’ de Sion to assist them. And because Scotland was pulled into the war between the two countries, the Sinclair family became acquainted with Da Vinci.

The Conclusion

There are many theories about the “money pit” and what is buried on Oak Island. There will probably be many, many more as the years move on. However, interested individuals cannot overlook the possibility that the Sinclair family, the Templars, and Leonardo Da Vinci had a part in this treasure mystery.

What is buried on Oak Island? I have no idea. However, my guess would be the Holy Grail, or an object of great historical significance.

And remember that coin?

The 1317 coin found by the farmer living on Oak Island?

The coin could have been lost by someone who was on the Island around the date of the coin. If that’s the case, the treasure may very well have been buried at that time. In which case the Templars and the Sinclairs would have to be eliminated, they came to the Island 200 years after that date. Or, perhaps a Sinclair dropped it much later. It was not uncommon at that time to carry coins of older dates.

In either case, the treasure on Oak Island is a true mystery and may never be known.

Behind The Scenes At Exploring Historys Treasures (EHT)

Here’s an update on what’s going on with our TV and DVD production at Exploring Historys Treasures We’re gearing up to film a brand new pilot.

I won’t disclose just yet what it will be. All I can say is that,

It’s gonna be GREAT!

The new pilot will be based on my upcoming book. I can’t tell you what that is either. Sorry! The competition is watching us.

We also picked up a contact in Hollywood. We’re hopeful that the new “in” will help us launch into syndication.

Everyone here at EHT is excited about the New Year. My buddy and co-host John Decharo has worked out to get ready for the new pilot. He looks lean and mean.

Mike Austin who joined us in the last series, Logging Camps and Mysteries Uncovered will be a big part of what we are doing at EHT.

And of course, Ryan Prucker the co-producer of Exploring Historys Treasures has launched his creative abilities into the stratosphere with new ideas.

And yours truly here is learning how to react to Ryan when he says,

Cut. Frank. Say it one more time. S-l-o-w-l-y.

If you’re not yet familiar with our TV series and DVDs, please view our trailers.

I Dug Up This Junk

Treasure Hunting In Greece Is Like Gambling

Here's another story I came across that paints all metal detectorists and treasure hunters as looters.

"Treasure hunting in Greece is the other side of gambling"

That remark was made by a former official in the prosecutors office in Western Macedonia.

Apparently thousands of metal detectors are sold every year in Greece as people flock to their favorite honey holes.

According to the local Archaeologists and police offcials, the treasure hunters are stealing antiquities from the soils of Greece.

Perhaps the Archaeologists should buy metal detectors and join in on the fun. Afterall, most of them never go on digs anyway and they are a jealous lot.

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