5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector

Are you a treasure hunter?

Do you own a metal detector?

Are you looking for ways to earn some extra money, or perhaps change your career while doing what you love?

My name is Frank Pandozzi.

For thirty-seven years, I have been a treasure hunter earning an income from my hobby. And I'll show you how with my Ebook!

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I Was The First To Produce A Metal Detecting TV Series

Exploring Historys Treasures.

I’m mentioning my experience in the hobby to let you know that you can earn money, and change your life by using your metal detector, just as I did.

I began in the hobby of metal detecting, probably the same way you did. I purchased my first metal detector, and then went out and dug piles of pull-tabs and tin foil. However, as time went on, I became more involved with the hobby, and I read more books about metal detecting/ treasure hunting.

That was when I realized that I could earn some extra cash using my metal detector. I have never been the one to stop trying new ideas, so throughout the years, my abilities to earn money from treasure hunting increased.

My experiences have given me the lifestyle I always wanted. If you have this kind of dream, if you would like to earn some extra money, or become a professional treasure hunter, then I am here to tell you that you to can do what I’ve done.

In my ebook 5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector

Earn $ With Your Metal Detector

I will show you 5 exciting ways to turn your hobby into dollars, using your metal detector.

Learn how to use the IRS to purchase a new detector, or new toys for your hobby.

You will learn how to approach people to earn that money.

I will show you what places to go to earn those extra dollars.

You will also read about how one ad produced more than $5000.

In addition to the above ways to earn, you’ll learn how to gain access to areas for metal detecting that you thought you never would enter.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not the only treasure hunter who has been earning a living from doing what I love. I have met other treasure hunters who are living lives that I admire. They also started the same way I did, by first owning an inexpensive metal detector and then moving on from there.

My ebook is written from many years of experience. You won’t have to make the mistakes that I made along the way. If you follow my advice, and never listen to the naysayers who are always there to “rain on our parade,” then you can live the life of a professional treasure hunter also.

You can purchase my ebook, 5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector

as a download through the secured merchant Paypal for just $3.95.

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"Frank, I'm new to metal detecting. I have your entire TV series. But after watching your TV series, I also decided to buy your ebook, 5 Ways To Earn Money With A Metal Detector. I'm glad I did Frank. Within two weeks from purchasing it, I hooked up with an insurance company to locate an expensive diamond ring that was lost at a local beach. Long story short, I met with the woman who lost the ring, she showed me where on the beach she was at, and after a few hours, using my detector, I found it. I made $1000, because the ring was worth $10,000. Your plan works. I am now working with another insurance company, and the local police department. Thanks again Frank. I have already received back way more than I paid for the price of your book." Ron, Tampa

Hey friends, every idea in my book I have used. I know they work! It's up to you to decide how hard you want to work the ideas. For instant download of

5 Ways to Earn Money with a Metal Detector

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And here's another one of my Ebooks just filled with great info to help you find more stuff.

"Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector"

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